About us

Urban Garden Scents

100% Natural Fragrances for the Mind and Body

Urban Garden Scents grew out of research into how being outdoors improves our mood and well-being. I was searching for evidence into why I felt so much better, mentally and physically after being outdoors. How my contact with plants, flowers and herbs, by growing, cutting or just smelling, was so pleasurable and therapeutic. 

How could I bring the outside in? Especially through the cold winter months when it's grey and rainy (I live in Manchester!) I have always loved scented candles so I read a lot about fragrance oils, essential oils and wax. I settled on using vegetable wax, first with soy and then, worried about how ethical is was, a coconut and rape. 

I thought the candle making process would be simple, melt the wax, add the scent choose a wick - oh how wrong I was! Testing and ensuring your candles burn efficiently, takes months. 

Finally when I was ready to share my creations with others I was so happy to launch Urban Garden Scents which only contained botanical pure essential oils, natural smelling and had aromatherapy properties. They filled the room with feel good scent and and reduced stress and anxiety. 

Urban Garden Scents candles are too good not to share. Enjoy.

Wendy x